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Modeling the Formation of Opinion Clusters using Cellular Automata

I recently finished a very interesting MOOC by the University of Groningen entitled Decision making in a complex and uncertain World. The course running on the platform Futurelearn was an interdisciplinary introduction to different aspects of complexity theory. Among other topics it introduced the concept of agent based modeling and cellular automata. One example of how to use these […]

EmberCamp 2015 notes

I was lucky enough to be attending the EmberCamp conference in London on the 29th of October 2015. It was the first Ember conference I ever went to and featuring talks by core contributors like Yehuda Katz and Matthew Beale. Here are some notes I took about the conference in the form of bullet points […]

How to structure translations

In my current project, it was clear from the beginning that our customers would need the application in several languages. So it was smart to integrate internationalization from the beginning to avoid having to refactor all the templates later. One question that pops up immediately when putting together a first localized version of a frontend […]