Free Online Tool to Print Burn Down Charts Released:

In one of my recent roles as a Scrum master, I was experiencing some trouble printing burn down charts out of Jira. It seems that printing burn down charts was not something the makers of Jira had actively considered, or maybe they have even made a point of making it hard to print from Jira because they want to promote keeping all the data within their project management tool.

However, I wanted to print a burn down chart at the beginning of our sprint so that we could stick it up on our sprint board. We wanted to have a physical version of the burn down chart for everyone to see all the time. The burn down chart within Jira is rather hidden when you are a member of the dev team working within the column view of the sprint board. Usually, only the Scrum master and possibly a project manager will go and check the reports section in Jira. We wanted to give the team more exposure to the burn down chart and trace the actual line using a pen to keep sprint progress in sight for everyone.

To cut a long story short, I released an online tool to print burn down chart templates: By templates, I mean that they will have all the relevant numbers on both axes and they will have an ideal line. But they won’t have an actual line. The idea is to print the template and then plot the actual line using a pen.

I hope this tool will save many troubles in printing burn down charts and that you will find it useful!